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So You Think You Know All About Decks - Part 2

Part 1

Just when you thought you knew all about decks, there's more.

wood deck

Figure 1 - Wood deck

For instance, what type of wood will you use for your deck. A very popular choice is solid oak flooring. Oak has many advantages: it's very strong, it's tough and it's durable, not to mention it has very little shrinkage, but also many disadvantages: it's heavy expensive and it splits easily, but it's the go to choice for outdoor furniture so it would probably be the perfect choice for your deck. If you are thinking solid oak flooring then maybe have the right products for you.

Cedar is another popular choice. It's resistant to rot and insects and it doesn't shrink much either. Then let's not forget another reason why people love cedar: it smells amazing and there's nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and having a drink outside on your deck that smells of cedar.

Then you also need to think about beams. This is one piece of the puzzle which you cannot do without. You will have to fit new beam shelves in order to sustain the deck itself, in order to make it strong and resistant and give it a solid base, and then bolt the deck beams into the beam shelves. The length of the beams will depend on the length and width of your deck, on its shape and size, so before you go and buy beams, don't be reckless and make a proper plan for your deck. You will need to figure out exactly what you are going to do and even do a bit of maths to find exactly the length you need for your beams. Then you can choose between natural and pressure treated beams, the latter being cheaper and also long-lasting and eco-friendly, so three advantages which you cannot ignore.

Joists are another integral component of your deck. These again come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. You need to keep in mind what type of wood you're using before you decide on the size because this will affect the span. The position of the joists is also important. You need to place them on the side for the side decks and then you need floor joists as well where the deck is required. You can assemble the framework either using screws or joist hangers for every joist end.

wood deck

Figure 2 - Wood deck with railings

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And when you thought you've actually read all about decks there is still loads more you still don't know and it's very important that you fully document yourself about the matter before embarking on such a difficult and time-consuming project, not to mention expensive, because it is a significant investment as well. So before you do anything, have a proper look at all the material that is available and make sure you get the job done right!

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